Our Story

It only took 5 short minutes to take a zany idea to an art gallery/studio during a conversation in early August 2013, followed by 5 long-ish months of preparation.  We finally opened on 13th December 2013.


As a family of artists we knew we needed a place to show our work where all the family members could be represented. Difficult, as we live in three different States and on opposite sides of the Atlantic.​The obvious solution was to primarily sell limited edition prints of our work, with vistors having the option of buying the original artwork from each individual artist.  Janet Smart is the artist in residence and gets to enjoy the lovely Florida weather while she paints in the studio.  Andrew arrives now and then and both artists offer lessons in pen and ink, drawing and watercolor.


Lindsay Farzaneh is the globe trotting member of the family. Living in London, but usually off in some exotic country. Her art is as amazing as the places she gets to visit!


Coffee is ALWAYS on and you are welcome to grab a cup when you arrive. Please don't eat the cakes though, (grown men have tried!) they are for display only, made out of wax and don't appear to taste too good!

We look forward to seeing you soon!